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How To Attract a LIMITLESS Supply of Hassle-Free "Paying" Clients Without Being a S.L.A.V.E to Your Business and FINALLY Find True Freedom

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On a mission to see 1-million lost people served.

Business Master Coach and Award Winning Entrepreneur, Ant Hodges, created the Coach on Fire® Success Framework to assist the many Lost Coaches who are confused by the poor advice being shared today how to grow their business - often with outdated strategies. Ant shares proven models to scale up FAST. Then, these coaches see their Lost Clients served with the right products, programs and services to bring true Transformation.

A note from Ant...

"Running a coaching and training business is can be tough. It's hard work. And the biggest challenge I see is that coaches struggle to get the right clients to sign up and start paying! By creating the right scalable business model, understanding the exact process to sign up and on-board clients, then deliver coaching and training in a way that provides real transformation to coaching clients, that's what being a Coach on Fire is all about.

"Simply put I am far more about the 'doing' rather than the 'coaching' - in terms of getting the right business model, marketing and products set up, to create a leveraged coaching business. Your success will be directly proportional to the amount of implementation that is carried out, not from the amount of coaching sessions or events you attend. I'm about the transformation of your business and your bank balance and that will only come when the right path is followed. Let me show you the path I took."

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So you've invested a lot into your coach accreditation training and your wall is starting to fill up with framed certificates - but the reality is that those coaching "skills", ain't paying the bills.

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Having been in the coaching or training game for a few years and seeing some success, achiving 6-figures year on year, it's time to shift things into top-gear and scale up so you can finally live that dream.

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"When I first met Ant, I was on the verge of closing down my business and giving up. Now I had a whole new business plan, the confidence that it was going to work, and an action list that I couldn't wait to get started on. I've been given so much motivation to continue with what I firmly believe is my perfect niche and a brilliant business. Thank you!"

Eleanor Barber - Coach, Oxon UK

"I can’t recommend Coach on Fire highly enough. The training was just the jump-start I needed and Ant has continued to be accessible when I’ve had questions. No matter where you are with your business, if you’re a coach, you need to connect with Coach on Fire."

Tim Dee - Coach, London UK

"Ant is one of those wonderful resources who is full of knowledge, ideas and creativity. I posed a problem and he had not one but several suggestions for a solution so that I could improve my social media strategy and build it into success. He knows the right questions to ask, how to focus, and above all, how to think broadly while working narrowly!"

Michele Rosenthal - Coach, Florida USA

A Head's Up...

Growing a business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and investment of finances, blood (not all the time), sweat, tears and time. Your results will be unique to you, and will be directly proportional to your level of implementation. There are no push-button solutions or overnight riches promised. If you're looking for them, you won't find them here, or anywhere else.


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