If you are serious about growing your coaching business, get the advantage over your competition by joining and becoming part of the growing Coach on Fire Elite Community


Get access to proven best practice strategies, regular up to date training made specifically for you, join a family of ambitious business owners and get personal coaching and mentoring needed to scale your business fast!


Goodbye to High-Priced Wannabe-Guru Led Training Courses - Hello to Coach on Fire Elite!

Here at Coach on Fire, we'll all in! This means that if you join and become part of the Coach on Fire Elite family today, you're getting it all. The Coach on Fire Success System is a complete programme of training, coaching and mentoring to help you better market, grow and scale your business. Here's what what's covered in the complete system:

Create a brand that is built on firm foundations that stands strong in the marketplace

Develop a framework from your content that maps out the journey for your clients

Use the Coach on Fire Product Creation System to offer more that just coaching sessions

Lists of subscribers are useless... we'll show you have to build a list of raving fans!

Become THE authority in your niche, stand out and attract all the right people you want

Automate as much as possible in your business with the right systems to free up your time

See how to price your packages and services in the right way to not undersell or overprice

Learn how to become a true Coach on Fire by serving with Training, Mentoring and Coaching

Scale up your business with the strategies and tactics to help you live your dream

A framework to FINALLY get those world-class coaching skills paying the bills - your certificates wont!

Finally get the right business model set up in your business to stop exchanging time for money

Allow your business to breath with the perfect marketing strategies and systems to bring you all the leads and sales you want

Sell your products at the right price, serve with the right services and scale up to finally live that dream!

"To gain the skills needed to grow your business, you need to BLOCK OUT (all of the junk), TUNE IN (to the right information) and take the most ACTION you can (that's implementation BTW)!" - Ant Hodges


"Is this Coach on Fire Elite Membership
really for me?"

If you're feeling like any of the statements below, then the Coach on Fire® elite membership is for you.

"I can't get this business started - there's too much competition"

The reality is that the coaching industry has far too many people in it for you just to stand in the marketplace to be a "coach" - establishing your authority in a particular niche so that you can stand out from the crowd is the answer. Here at Coach on Fire® will show you exactly how to do this so that you can say goodbye to competition and hello to success.

"I've already invested in so much, I don't want another training course!"

You are probably like most people that we work with, having invested in personal development for a long period of time and even many certification courses. This is not just a training course. Coach on Fire® elite membership is about you taking what you've already learned, applying the strategies to implement tactical activity and get fast results.

"Leads are not coming in, sales are non-existent, I need to go and get a job"

What if we could show you how to set up lead generation system that attracts all of the right people that you want to work with and open up a sales strategy for you to learn how to close more of those leads quicker and easier. Inside the Coach on Fire® elite membership, you'll get the training, mentoring and coaching to see sales explode in your business.

"I haven't got enough time at the end of the day to relax before it all starts again"

The problem is you have the wrong business model. Only selling your time for money in the form of coaching services will make you feel exhausted. Inside your Coach on Fire® elite membership you will discover the best way to structure your business and create a business model that gives you far more time to do the things that you love and leveraged other strategies to work with more people.

"I have run out of money, how can I get involved in another training course"

We don't want huge amounts of money from you. $1 will get you your first 14 days of membership inside the Coach on Fire® elite membership as a trial. You'll have instant access to our 28-day lead generation training, the "start your coaching business right" audio training and your first training video of the programme. Implement the things that you'll learn with that instant training and you will see money coming in within your first month.

"I'm a complete technophobe and I hate Internet marketing."

What if you had a coach that demonstrated to you the right way to market, grow and scale your business? Someone who could mentor you and show you specifically how to grow the best team? and give you a roadmap for scaling up? All so that you could choose to not touch any of the technology if you want to. We will show you all of that inside the Coach on Fire® elite membership and answer any questions on our member-only Q&A sessions.


All the help you need to grow your business!

If you need a template, a framework, a strategy or any other assistance to get things moving in your business, we have it all! And in every training video, there is at least one worksheet for you to complete and map out that action you need to take.

And... there's more!

In addition to the monthly training video that covers one of 9-core elements of the Coach on Fire® Success Framework, by joining today you get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the Coach on Fire® Magnetic Lead Flow™ video training to get leads and sales coming in within your first month of membership.
  • INSTANT ACCESS to the 10-part "Start Your Coaching Business Right" audio training.
  • Month One of the Coach on Fire® Success Framework Training
  • Exclusive Immediate Access to the Private Members Area to connect with other Elite Members

Want a quick tour of the membership area?

Here's what it will look like when you access it for the first time...


Here's what a few people think of previous training with Coach on Fire and Ant Hodges

Join the Coach on Fire Elite Family for just


for the first 14 days

And then, if you stay a member, your membership will renew at only $49/month and will never increase


Absolutely! Your Coach on Fire Elite Membership gives you access to training content that nobody else teaches you when you're looking to become a coach. Everybody focuses on the coaching skills that you need to become a world-class coach and not on the business foundations that you can build a successful business up from. The training, coaching and mentoring that you'll get inside your Elite membership will show you the path to creating a business that will be sustainable and fruitful, scalable and profitable. Join today.

Every coach, no matter what industry or niche, should be focused on learning how to market, grow and scale their business so that they can live the lifestyle that they want and achieve their ambitions. The training that you'll get access to as part of your Coach on Fire Elite membership will show you ways to create products and services that do not always rely on you exchanging time for money. You will learn how to use frameworks for greater productivity. You'll see how easy it is to replace yourself from doing the menial tasks in your business, so you can focus on your coaching. And all of these lessons can be applied to coaching in any niche. Join today.

Not at all! We have Live Q&A calls on the first Wednesday of every month. These calls are recorded and uploaded into the members area. All other content, whether released monthly or ad-hoc, it's all delivered as pre-recorded video or audio training that can be accessed from any laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device - all you need it Wifi! Remain a member and enjoy limitless access to the training, coaching calls and other resources so that you can study and engage with the content in a time frame that suits your lifestyle. You don't have to be in the same place at the same time every week. Join today

You'll have instant access to the 28-day Magnetic Lead Flow training that contains less than an hours worth of training each week and approx. the same amount of time for implementation. You'll also have instant access to the Start Your Coach Business Right audio training that you can download and listen on the move, in the car or wherever you are. Each of these 10-modules are approx 5-10 minutes of audio training. Every month, the Coach on Fire Success Framework training will require you to put aside a couple of hours each month to learn and implement. These training sessions will have worksheets, guides and templates that are all included for you to take action on your learning then. Also, every month, you will be invited to a live. member-only coaching call with Ant Hodges - this call often runs over to between 1-2 hours. If you can only commit to one hour a week, then that's all you need to commit to. However, start, commit yourself to completing the each training, implement everything you can, seek the support you need to overcome challenges and obstacles that stand in your way, then actually become a Coach on Fire. Join today.

It's been our experience of creating and running programmes online for a number of years now, that when a programme such as Coach on Fire Elite has the level of content that it does, if you release it all in one go then there is only one feeling that comes up for every student - a complete sense of overwhelm. This means that implementation doesn't get done, cancellations increase because results are slow or non-existent, then the word on the street is that it's not a great programme. We drip feed the content every month to allow for the right level of implementation to take place. Each of the training modules contains a number of videos for you to be able to learn from, take action and implement activity into your business. With instant access to training that you can get started with also, there's enough to get going with. There is no way you will be able to complete all the training within weeks, there is simply too much, and business growth is a journey. Everything that is contained within the Coach on Fire Elite programme has been created, tested, engineered and now is made available for you to create a business that is sustainable and fruitful. This will not happen overnight, and if you're looking for a magic push button solution to overnight riches, then this programme will not be for you. You can join today and even upgrade your membership inside if you want more direct access to the Coach on Fire team or even enquire about becoming a Private Client.

Yes! Almost all of the video training that is released is delivered by Ant, the live coaching calls every month are delivered and hosted by Ant, and you will have an opportunity to book a private strategy session with Ant if you want it. If during your membership, you submit work or activity for feedback from Ant, this feedback will come either on email or will be included in the live coaching and Q&A calls with Ant - which are all recorded if you miss it. With a dedicated team of success coaches also supporting you, there will be no shortage of getting feedback all your questions answered if you need to.


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