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Why is this training Free? In short, it's a way of giving EVERY start up coach the opportunity to learn the strategies that actually work when starting your coaching business... AND, being 100% honest, it's the quickest and fastest way to add new Clients and Students to the Coach on Fire® Business Builder Academy, a 50+ part online training and coaching program that helps coaches scale up and grow their business.

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Coach on Fire® - A Little Head's Up...

Growing a coaching business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and investment of finances, blood (not all the time), sweat, tears and time. Your results will be unique to you, and will be directly proportional to your level of implementation - in simple terms, that means getting sh*t done! Nothing in life or business will be handed to you on a platter and there are no push-button solutions or overnight riches promised in any of the Coach on Fire® programs. If you're looking for them, STOP - they don't exist.

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