Coaching, Training and Mentoring as a Private Client with Ant Hodges

If you've found you're way here, then you might be interested to learn what it's like working with Ant Hodges directly as a Private Client. Read on, take a look at what is on offer and if you are interested, request a call back by completing the application form. Private Clients are accepted after interview and almost 80% of applicants are turned away because Ant can't work with everybody personally. There may be a waiting list and if Ant thinks he can serve you as a private client, you will enter into a minimum 6-month agreement.


Here's a Snapshot of what Private Clients get

Depending on the package agreed upon, in addition to the done with you services needed to tame Design, Websites, Systems, Video and more, Private Clients also get...

Private 1-to-1 Coaching Sessions with Your Ant Hodges

Private Client Meetings with other Private Clients, held in the UK and USA

Access to All Coach on Fire® Digital Products and Programmes

Here's What You Don't Get

No Promise Overnight Riches - Becoming a Private Client of Ant's is not a case of waving a magic wand over your business or finally finding the magic silver bullet that will, overnight, bring the money and success you've been striving for.

No Ability to Abdicate Responsibility - Yes, Ant will support you with the development of strategic plans, up-levelling your business skills, marketing skills and mastering sales - all to help you market, grow and scale your business. Ant will even offer a level of marketing implementation to "DO" your marketing for you - but you still need to have input, you still need to do some of the work.

An Easy Ride - Let's be clear from the outset, your success will be directly proportional to the level of action you take, the application of the right strategies and the belief that the growing and development of a profitable, sustainable and highly successful business, does not happen overnight. The ride may be smooth in some places, then difficult in others. But Ant's will be with you the whole journey.

Some of the done for you services...


Logo Designs
Social Media Covers
Lead Magnets
Video Editing
Product Creation


Facebook Ads
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
SEO Services
Blog Writing and Distribution


Live Webinar Set Up
Automated Webinar Set Up
Sales Funnels and Campaigns
Landing Pages
Autoresponder Set Up


Authority Site Design
E-commerce Websites
Membership Websites
Sales Pages
Launch Sequence Pages

The Ideal Private Client

Being a Private Client and working with Ant isn't right for everyone. That's why, before you apply and request a callback, it might be a good idea to see if the following criteria describe you:

  • You're a Coach or Trainer - any niche, but your focus is on making a difference to the lives of others.
  • You want to create a leveraged business model that goes beyond just 1-to-1 services and events.
  • You want to serve many people, not just a few with your knowledge, wisdom and experience.
  • You are a grafter, you put the work in and never expect success to be handed to you on a plate.
  • You are fed up playing a small-fry game and want to level up BIG TIME to make a huge difference.
  • You're ready to commit for at least six months to the investment needed for your success.
  • You are fed up with learning and just need action to be taken right now!

Request a Call Back & Apply Today

By completing your application form and requesting a call back, Ant Hodges will call you back, chat everything through and see if it's good to get moving.


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