General Coaching Terms and Conditions

These terms relate to ongoing monthly coaching services provided by HodgesNet Ltd, trading as Coach on Fire®. These terms are agreed to at the point of sale and a re-referenced here for further information and may be updated at any time. Notice to existing clients of a change in terms and conditions will be sent via email.

Last updated: 01 SEPTEMBER 2017

I understand the information supplied gives HodgesNet Ltd (trading as Coach on Fire®) permission to communicate with me by email, postal mail, phone and text message (SMS) to communicate information about this purchase and my coaching contract that I hereby agree to.

I further understand the coaching I am signing up for will include the sharing of copyrighted and protected information that may, in no uncertain terms and in no media form, not be recorded, copied or reproduced in any way. No permission will be granted on request for the use of, licencing of or duplication of any content or information presented.

Part of HodgesNet Ltd's commitment to providing value, even for those who do not buy from them, will be in the form of free content and events. I understand that HodgesNet Ltd will also provide access and make introductions to third party products and services that will support my business from vendors or promotional partners. I may ’opt-out’ or unsubscribe by following any unsubscribe instructions in any email you receive from HodgesNet Ltd. If I do choose to opt out and unsubscribe, I will not receive future communications from HodgesNet Ltd, which may also include the content applicable to products I have purchased. I may request to be re-subscribed, or opt in again though a future marketing promotion or make an additional purchase.

Request for Refund

I understand all sales for private coaching are considered final 14 days from initial date of purchase or on the commencement of my first coaching session. Should I request a refund on or before 14 days from the date of sale, or before my first coaching session, I will do so with written notice of my request (email is acceptable) to [email protected] All cancellations and refunds must be authorised by HodgesNet Ltd. Subsequent monthly payments made on auto-renewal or subscription will not be able to be refunded as this will be seen as a continuation of a coaching contract with HodgesNet Ltd and therefore outside of an initial 14 day period.

Further Product Refund Requirements and Conditions:

  1. Written detailed reasons for cancellation should accompany my written notice of cancellation.
  2. A copy of my sales receipt/email confirmation, indicating must accompany written the notice of cancellation.
  3. My name, address, telephone number and email address must be legible and contained within my written notice of cancellation.
  4. My bank details (name of account, bank name, sort code and account number) must be provided for any approved refund to be paid to.

Approval of Refund Request

I understand there will be no consideration or authorisation for a refund without meeting all cancellation requirements and conditions outlined above, if sent after 14 days of purchase or if sent after the commencement of the agreed first coaching session.

I understand upon approval of my refund request, any payments made under this written contract of sale will be refunded within 14 business days by bank transfer only.

HodgesNet Ltd will not be responsible for honouring refunds that do not follow the process outlined above.

I understand that my coaching service to be delivered by HodgesNet Ltd is non-transferable to any other person.

Cancellation Terms

I may cancel this monthly coaching agreement with HodgesNet Ltd at any time by cancelling any recurring payment through my account inside the Coach on Fire® account settings or by giving the Coach on Fire® team a minimum of 14 days notice before your next payment is due.

Any cancellation will not provide me with a refund of previous payments but will stop the next payment from being taken. The remaining period before this renewal payment was due to be taken will be my final period of coaching with HodgesNet Ltd.

Should a monthly renewal payment be taken, the day of your monthly renewal, provision will be made by HodgesNet Ltd for the coaching sessions to take place in the month following and will not be able to be refunded or cancelled.

Payment Failures

From time to time card payments may fail due to expired card details or transactional errors in requesting payments.

Payments are taken automatically through Stripe as subscription payments. Should a payment fail, the system will automatically try a further three times before automatically cancelling any subscription. The failed payment will remain due for payment before any further coaching takes place or ongoing agreements continue.

Allowing a payment to fail does not constitute notice of termination of any coaching contract as time provision will be made for your coaching to take place in the month ahead of your payment date.

Failure to settle any late or failed payment attempts may result in submitting a request to a third party collections company to recover any monies owed. This action may also incur additional interest and charges from the collection agent employed.

General Training and Coaching Terms

I understand that HodgesNet Ltd do not believe in "get rich" programmes, systems or strategies. The firm belief and value shared by HodgesNet Ltd and myself, is that through hard work, creating huge value in my marketplace, building a credible and professional career, and through the act of serving of other others with the highest level excellence and constancy possible, this is the only way to achieve the success in business that I seek.

I know that coaching, the programmes, events and products from HodgesNet Ltd are intended to help me to increase my exposure to a greater audience, establish credibility as a leading expert in my niche, and create products and programmes for my own business that assist me in marketing, growing and scaling my business. Any training or coaching that I purchase, any programme that I enrol into or event that I attend, I know that it will require me to take serious action and a high level of implementation to achieve success from the things that I will learn.

If my search is for "quick riches" or "money for nothing" or "get rich quick" then I will not enrol, book or buy any product, programme or event ticket promoted by HodgesNet Ltd.

HodgesNet Ltd does not make any guarantees about my ability to get results, make or earn money with the ideas, information, tools or strategies presented. My results are entirely down to my level of implementation and the skills I have to implement them correctly.

All training products, events and services rendered by HodgesNet Ltd are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing presented is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings. HodgesNet Ltd does not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. No results or examples mentioned by HodgesNet Ltd or by their clients or customers, are typical or should be expected as a reflection of my results. Any financial numbers referenced in any presentation, I must see are used for illustrative purposes and as concepts only. I should not consider them as average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance.

Making decisions based on any information presented by HodgesNet Ltd team members, coaches, products, events, services, or websites, should be done only with the knowledge that I could experience risk or losses just like any entrepreneurial endeavour. I know that I must use caution and always consult my own accountant, lawyer or professional advisor or heath professional before acting on any information related to a lifestyle change or in relation to my business or finances. I alone am responsible and accountable for my decisions, actions and results in life, and by agreeing to these terms, I will not attempt to hold HodgesNet Ltd or any presenter, liable for my decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

Customer service

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44(0)1793 608777 (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm London time)


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