coach on fire marketing masterclass event

More Leads - More Sales - More Clients


Friday 29th June 2018 - Park Inn Hotel 
Bath Road, Heathrow, London


"I came out with a clear action plan on how best we can drive traffic to our business using Coach on Fire Marketing Funnel"

Daisy Mupfumira
Professional Care Worker Coach


"I had the best day at Coach on Fire Marketing Masterclass - just the jump-start I needed! The best investment I have made in my business."

Tim Dee
My Career Come Back Coach

"The best workshop I have ever been to! Absolutely amazing masterclass, I'm buzzing with ideas and plans. Thank you so much Ant."

Melody Samidee
Youth Life Coach

"I have so much more clarity on what I need to be doing in my coaching business. Thoroughly enjoyable and fun day too!"

Andrew Chan
HMO Dynamics Property Coach

From the desk of Business Coach
and Mentor, Ant Hodges

Hey Superstar Coach!

Continuing your personal development and learning business skills is a must in our line of work. As coaches who serve others, we must continue with our own personal development. But when we are spending more on events, workshops and accreditation courses, compared to the income we are generating from the delivery of our coaching, we need to STOP and work out what is going on.

  • By now you've probably been to all the conferences and seminars that you could get to - but business is still slow.
  • You've probably got a few certificates on the wall at home too. But those coaching skills are still not paying all the bills!

So many coaches invest heavily in training and certification programmes, buying into one guru to the next because they have the cash available or the credit available on the credit card, only to be poorer and worse off when they finish. This is because the coaching "training" industry plays on the fact that continue personal development is THE thing to do. And they invent the next level, the next level and the next level, knowing that the indoctrinated followers they have will buy again.


That's where I wanted to change things up and wake the industry up with a programme and framework that would not just provide information, but real TRANSFORMATION

Truth # 1 - You went into business to be a fantastic coach
and to make a difference to other people's lives.

Truth # 2 - You need to understand how to set up
the best business model for you and market it properly.

The Coach on Fire Marketing Masterclass will help you speed up the process of getting the right strategies in place to better Market, Grow and Scale your coaching business. There is no certification, no test at the end, no accreditation score to hit - just proven training and strategic input to create the right Business Model, Marketing Strategy and your Plan to Grow and Scale.

If you are in Start-Up mode, are feeling like your business is Stuck, or if you need to create a new way to attract and serve clients to bring you more Freedom, book in and attend today!

Ant Hodges

Ant Hodges - Creator of the Coach on Fire® Success Framework

PS... Many experts, guru's and wannabe thought leaders run what they call "Masterclass" events only to use them to fill a room with prospects and pitch all day to them. These "Masterclass" events are nothing more than a regurgitation of what should have been put on an FAQ page on their website. That is NOT what the Coach on Fire Masterclass is about. You will learn EXACTLY how to Market, Grow and Scale your coaching business. Don't delay, book in today.

Friday 29th June 2018 - Park Inn Hotel 
Bath Road, Heathrow, London


Here's what will be covered...

1 - Creating a Framework
...provide a roadmap for your clients

Ant will unpack the exact methodology and system he used to create the 9-part On Fire Success System. Complete this part of the Masterclass and you'll have a clear outline for all the content that you'll deliver in your training, mentoring and coaching AND to assist you to create the best products for your niche and to inform all of your marketing. No more guessing games for you or your clients!

2 - Building the List
...of leads, customers and a tribe of fans!

If you don't have a social following, email list or a tribe following you, you have no one to serve and worse still, no one to buy from you. In part two of the Masterclass we'll work through some specific exercises to start the process of building a list and you'll even be given the templates needed to start implementing this. No more unread emails and unresponsive campaigns, just a list of sold-out fans and highly targeted prospects.

3 - Creating the Ideal Business Model
...selling more away from time for money

With so many coaches thinking that they must be filling their diaries with one to one appointments and that they need to only focus on selling their time for money (because that is what their coach trainer told them to do), the reality of following this advice is that you will burn out and find that you are constantly competing on price. In part three of the masterclass you will learn how to shape the best business model for your business, how to stand out in a crowded market place as THE expert and actually create a business plan that you can grow and scale up.

What others thought of the day...

"An absolutely brilliant course that has given me the action plan that I needed to grow my business."

Rick Dubidat
Business Coach and Mentor

"If you are looking to grow your business and get real clear on your marketing without wasting money on the wrong things, get clear at a Coach on Fire masterclass event like I have."

Joey Romeu
Fitness Coach

"A fantastic day that has provided me a very clear framework to develop and grow my coaching business."

Shaun Walsh
Finance Coach at Business Growth Services

"So many things learned today to move my business forward. An amazing and really productive day that EVERY coach should consider booking into."

Diana Richards
Female Wellness Coach

What's included in these events?

  • Arrive on time at 9:00am to meet other delegates.
  • An action-packed, full on, deep dive, one-day event of focused tactical learning with implementation support from the Coach on Fire® team.
  • High energy learning with planning activities, not just sitting there listening for the whole day.
  • One-to-one, Hot Seat coaching opportunity on your business.
  • Workbooks and learning resources provided.

Friday 29th June 2018 - Park Inn Hotel 
Bath Road, Heathrow, London


Ant's Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

"As with all the Coach on Fire® events that I run, I want you to get the very best value from the time and financial investment that you make to attend. Having said that, I want to go over and above to ensure that you do get value and provide you with a 100% risk-free opportunity to come along. If you pay to attend, arrive on time for us to get started and spend the morning with us, then feel as though your time has or will be wasted and you've got zero value from the session, request a complete refund of your ticket fees before lunch and we will make that happen, giving you the freedom to leave and be more productive elsewhere." - Ant Hodges

Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I justify taking a day away from business to attend a masterclass?

Taking the time away from your business will help you to focus on the work to grow and scale your business rather than be swamped by the day to day operations and delivery. This is time working ON your business not IN your business. Unless you look at creating plans to work on the strategies to grow your business you will stagnate, not achieve the success you want and in the worst case scenario, be found trapped trying to sell your time for money.

Why should I attend another training meeting, I have the certifications?

Your investment in this training is less than you think. Choose your date, pick your ticket and book in TODAY. For the equivalent cost of a good meal out with friends you can learn the EXACT strategies to make those coaching skills you're now qualified in, finally start paying the bills. You will be able to move forward from these one-day events with a plan to start generating cash into your business. No certifications granted, just solid business plans.

I'm working with people who seem to offer what you do, are you any different?

No one else offers the training, mentoring and coaching around the On Fire Success Framework created by Ant. Built around the exact ways Ant has grown his coaching business, these events are uniquely specific to Coach on Fire Masterclasses. Others try and fail to deliver similar content and services, but with over 20 years experience in the industry, no one comes close to offering the same content to grow your coaching business.

The fear of getting it wrong in your marketing will lead to a drive for PERFECTION.

A lack of focus and no direct strategy, causes PROCRASTINATION to set in.

Both of these things, together, lead to inaction. Or as we call it Marketing PARALYSIS.


These Marketing Masterclass days will deal with any Marketing Paralysis that you're suffering from. If you don’t deal with it, you’ll continue to suffer poor marketing results, a lack of money coming in and stunted business growth.

Book now for the next Coach on Fire® Masterclass Event - 29th June 2018, London (Heathrow)