A Marketing Masterclass Event for Coaches

Two events remain for 2017 - London & Birmingham

Spend one day with the Coach on Fire® team to finally get your marketing funnels, products and content plans, mapped out, and ready to implement and create that leveraged coaching business you have always dreamed of.



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You've been to the conferences and seminars. You're now a certified coach and have the badge. Finally, it's time to take action, implement and get the best return on the financial and time investment you've made to get here.


From the desk of Marketing Coach Ant Hodges

Hey Fellow Coach!

As you grow and develop your business, like me, you know that it's crucial that you also continue your personal development and skills development. As a coaches who serve others, we do need to have the right level of training. But when we are spending more on events, workshops and accreditation, compared to the income we are generating from the delivery of our coaching, something needs to give. And if this is you, the time is NOW.

Together with my team at Coach on Fire®, let us speed up the rate at which you get your marketing out there and get results for your coaching business.

The focus these one-day masterclasses is a mix of training and strategy development, with the direct implementation centred around:

  1. The Coach Marketing Funnel - Sharing my exact system that I used to grow my business into a six-figure coaching business within six months, and get it working for you in just one day.
  2. The Product Creation Suite - The exact how-to's so you can create the perfect products for your coaching business so that you can scale beyond the one-to-one coaching model of yesterday.
  3. The Content Alchemy™ Framework - A unique framework to create and publish content to raise your expert positioning in the marketplace and how to monetise it in the best way.



"If driving traffic to your business is any issue for you , I strongly advise you attend these courses as you may just have your priorities the wrong way round - like I did. I came out with a clear action plan on how best we can drive traffic to our business using Coach on Fire Marketing Funnel. Thanks Ant for explaining this so well and in any easy to understand and apply way."

Daisy Mupfumira - Professional Care Worker Coach

VIDEO PREVIEWS: We cover ALL THREE topics in one day!

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The fear of getting it wrong in your marketing will lead to a drive for PERFECTION.

A lack of focus and no direct strategy, causes PROCRASTINATION to set in.

Both of these things, together, lead to inaction. Or as we call it Marketing PARALYSIS.


These Marketing Masterclass days will deal with any Marketing Paralysis that you're suffering from. If you don’t deal with it, you’ll continue to suffer poor marketing results, a lack of money coming in and stunted business growth.