Friday 13th December 2019
The Park in By Raddison, Heathrow, London


Ant Hodges Coach on Fire

From the desk of Business Mastercoach, Ant Hodges

Hey Superstar Coach!

My name’s Ant Hodges.

I’m known as a bit of a marketing geek to many of the coaches I work with, and I wanted to share some of this “geekery” with you - so I am putting on a Masterclass event in December to help you make 2020 the year that helps you become a Coach on Fire®!

I see it all the time...

...Coaches (in every niche), always struggling to get new customers to grow their business?

Well, I solve this.

I do this by helping them to Become the Hunted instead if living as the Hunter, scale up with the Right Business Model and implement Marketing that ACTUALLY Works today.

Most coaches are stuck in the rut of just trying to fill their diaries with appointment after appointment, just to earn something close to the average coaching earnings of only £37,500 a year (according to TotalJobs.com).

Understanding that most coaches like you want to have a lifestyle that is free from the time constraints of a diary, I failed to see why and how so many were not able to market, grow ,and scale up to earn the big-time money and create the lifestyle of their gurus - people like Anthony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Marie Forleo, Brendon Burchard, and Bob Proctor to name but a few.

What was it that was stopping them from getting there?

Back in 2012, I extended my own personal development and business training, so that I was buying the same products and programmes of these uber-successful coaches to try and figure this out. And I did.

And after spending £10,000s of my own hard-earned cash, 1,000s of miles of travel, and a daily investment into these programmes, I have the answer to finally enable coaches to truly market, grow, and scale up.

I want to share what I’ve learned, and that’s why I’m laying on this event in London.


So... What's the difference between the
average coach and the “Guru”?

  • Most will say it’s the millions they’ve made from their events, products, and programmes.
  • Some will say it’s the name they have in the industry.
  • Others will point out the fact that they already have 1,000s of raving fans.

These statements are all true. But this wasn’t the place that they started from. Did they get born with a silver spoon of a large list, oodles of money, and a name in lights for all to see? No… they built a brand, put in the graft, and earned the rewards.

What actually makes their story of success different from the average coach, is their serious level of implementation, following a well-defined strategy that served customers way beyond the traditional coaching model of a one-on-one session, that made them the success they are today.

Knowing this strategy will assist you in deciding what path to take in the development of your coaching business. And I’m happy to share with you what I have seen, discovered, and also implemented into my business, plus the strategies bearing fruit in many clients’ businesses, too.

It’s really down to understanding one thing…

“The most dangerous number
in a business is the number ONE”.

In any business, coaching especially, the most dangerous number is ONE: ONE product, ONE service, ONE delivery mechanism, ONE customer, ONE marketing tactic…  What would happen to your business if you lost that ONE critical thing that holds your business together?

Yes, you might have more than one client, more than one type of service that you can deliver, but what if you were taken out of the equation for any reason? An accident, sickness, or other personal circumstance that takes you out of the business for a period of time that will stop you from earning and could cripple your business overnight. This is where the guru-level coaches really have succeeded. Sorting this out, then developing a business that is not 100% reliant on them, has enabled them to scale up and some of them VERY quickly!

The truth is…

Like many other coaches, if you are always required to be present to deliver coaching to your clients, you won’t be able to scale up and you won’t be able to earn the big money that you can in this industry. You will always be restricted to the time you can block out in your diary.

Back in 2012, the International Coach Federation (ICF), the industry’s largest trade association, estimated that there were about 41,300 active professional coaches worldwide who generated nearly $2 billion US in annual revenue. That’s $48,426 US each… approx £37,500… and the income really hasn’t changed all that much, even in this country, according to TotalJobs.com.

So how do the top “gurus” of the coaching world earn millions?

How is it possible to have a $10+ million product launch like Brendon Burchard, and be filling event venues with 2,000+ people, generating $4,000,000 in ticket sales alone just like Anthony Robbins?

Both Brendon Burchard and Anthony Robbins are two of the guys I have followed, trained with, been mentored by, attended events hosted by them in California and London, then studied and dug deep into their business structures and set up. As a fully accredited Mastercoach, this is what I want to share with you.

And I’ve made it really easy to enable me to share this with you and give us the ability to meet and chat in person. You’ll need to invest a morning “out” of your business to meet with me and a few other coaches, where I will present my Coach on Fire® Success System and demonstrate exactly how you can start to market, grow, and scale up your coaching business. 

The Coach on Fire Masterclass will focus on transforming 3 areas of your business...

Millionaire Marketing Map

Imagine having the exact marketing plan used by the millionaire coaches, expertly crafted right before your eyes, so you can model this in your own business.

Profitable Business Model

Have the opportunity to have your entire business, reconfigured for profitability so you can walk away with the strategies to be able to grow and scale, FAST!

Implementation Strategy

Discover the perfect implementation strategy to get you the greatest results possible, in the shortest amount of time, with far less work from you needed.

If you are in Start-Up mode, feel like you are just Spinning Your Wheels, if you are feeling like your business is Stuck, or if you need to create a new way to attract and serve clients to bring you more Freedom, book in and attend today!

Ant Hodges

Ant Hodges - Creator of the Coach on Fire® Success Framework


Friday 13th December 2019
The Park in By Raddison, Heathrow, London


Just a small selection of previous attendees...


"I had the best day at Coach on Fire Marketing Masterclass - just the jump-start I needed! The best investment I have made in my business."

Tim Dee
My Career Come Back Coach


"The best workshop I have ever been to! Absolutely amazing masterclass, I'm buzzing with ideas and plans. Thank you so much Ant."

Melody Samidee
Youth Life Coach


"I have so much more clarity on what I need to be doing in my coaching business. Thoroughly enjoyable and fun day too!"

Andrew Chan
Property Coach


"If you are looking to grow your business and get real clear on your marketing without wasting money on the wrong things, get clear at a Coach on Fire masterclass event like I have."

Joey Romeu
Fitness Coach

What's included in these events?

  • Arrive on time at 9:00am to meet other delegates.
  • An action-packed, full on, deep dive, one-day event of focused tactical learning with implementation support from Ant Hodges.
  • High energy learning with planning activities, not just sitting there listening for the whole day.
  • One-to-one, Hot Seat coaching opportunity on your business.
  • Workbooks, learning resources and lunch provided for VIP delegates.

Frequently Asked Questions...

You can invest in all the accreditations, get all the letters after you name, have a wall full of certificates, but if no one is buying from you, you don't have a business. If you can't invest one day of your time to come and learn exactly how the millionaire coaches are scaling their business in today's knowledge led world, carry on as you are. If you are willing to take one day out out TRANSFORM your business, book in today!

Ant is based in the United Kingdom but travels all over the world to deliver his training and coaching. Every 3 months he re-visits London and New York to meet with clients and to run more Masterclass. If you choose to book in as a VIP delegate you will get a private one-to-one coaching call following your attendance. If you take up the one offer that Ant will make on the day you get even more ongoing support from Ant and his team, including the ability to attend Client Only Mastermind meetings in New York, London and California held throughout the year.

The Coach on Fire success framework is a programme created by Ant Hodges, that is not available anywhere else! No one is teaching this framework or some of the specific strategies that have grown Ant's business. You can try and look elsewhere but you wont find it.

Now is the time for you to take action...

...that's the only superpower you need right now. 


Friday 13th December 2019
The Park in By Raddison, Heathrow, London


A Head's Up...

Growing a business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and investment of finances, blood (not all the time), sweat, tears and time. Your results will be unique to you, and will be directly proportional to your level of implementation. There are no push-button solutions or overnight riches promised. If you're looking for them, you won't find them here, or anywhere else.



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