Weak Foundations Mean That it Will Crumble and Fall

Over the weekend I watched a documentary series on Netflix called Wild Wild Country. It was about a spiritual leader called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

He attracted up to 15,000 people to a small ranch in the United States where they began to build their own small city, then a global following started to grow also.

The documentary series talks about how he grew his empire and following, with his team, but then it all came crumbling down and collapsed.

You'll have to watch the documentary series to get the full story, but this is the tale of another "guru" who managed to gather a huge following, very quickly and then it all fell apart just as quick.

It got me thinking about what we want to build as businesses in the “expert” and “thought leader” space.

As those who want to make an impact in the world today, see lives and businesses changed, and make the difference that we are called to make, how do we build something that stands the test of time?

If you have a message that is super clear, gets people amazing results and is accessible to as many people as possible, you will grow a following and on-board many many customers.

As your business grows, you will experience challenges with business growth - I am not a prophet of doom here, I am being real with you. When you encounter difficulties in the business, it's the foundations that you are standing on that will help you overcome them more than anything else. If you have weak foundations, it crumbles - like the end-result from many of these guru-led followings. If you have strong foundations, you'll stand the test of time.

I truly believe that if we are 100% sold-out for the calling that we have to serve others, our responsibility to ensure that we have the right foundations in place to deliver our products and services to our customers has to be our number one priority

Let me unpack that in three simple nuggets:

1 - Avoid the one-man (or woman) guru syndrome

The truth is, you do not know everything. You cannot pretend to be the fount of all knowledge. Your life's experiences, the knowledge you have gained and the wisdom that share are best kept to a tight niche subject, audience or topic. When there are others in the world, who are better at other things than you, consider bringing them in to serve your audience rather than you doing a half-baked job at delivering content that you are not an expert in. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, create partnerships that will add immensely more value to your customers than you can alone.

2 - Focus on their outcome, not yours

I see so many coaches falling into the trap of saying "yes, I want to build a seven or eight figure business" and that is their prime focus. That is the number one thing that gets out of bed in the morning. The drive and ambition to grow a business that generates for themselves an immense fortune. For me, if that is the number one thing that drives you forward, you're in the wrong game. As coaches, we should be focussed on the outcome that our clients and customers get. When they get results, they'll stay, they'll want more, they will refer others and then your business grows. A focus on their outcome, not yours will result in a growing business.

3 - Systematise and build team

The biggest mindset shift that I see so many coaches needing to break through on is that of "I need to do this all myself." You have just the same amount of time as the super successful coaches in the world that you follow, but I know you're not where you want to be yet. So what makes them different to you? Why have they become the success they are? The reality is that they have built systems, teams and a "business" that can pretty much run without them most of the time. It may seem like an expense, but your best investment will be in growing your team. Leveraging other people's time will give you back more of your own. Getting the right team on board is the challenge though. Those that are on the same page as you regarding their desire to serve first and enjoy the rewards later will be the best team you can grow. Systems to collect leads, generate sales and manage content will be the second thing you need to build into your business after team.

These three foundations are just the start. And we must focus on getting the right footings in place to build a stable and robust business. Getting lost in the quick wins and rewards of fast cash and big pay-days will result in us not having the time put the right foundations in place. Doing it all in our own strength will result is us burning out.

Take time this week to look at how you are building the right foundation in your business. And if I can help, click here, book a call and let's chat on the phone to see how we can start building that successful coaching and training business that will make the difference to the world, and stand the test of time.


When you work with Ant he'll help you to galvanise and see how you can put that a proper strategy in place, to better MARKET, quickly GROW, and SCALE up your coaching business.

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