Smashing it in Q4!

Every 3 months I take time to review the last 90 days and forward plan the next.

Today is October 1st - the first day of the final quarter of this year.

How are you planning to finish the year?

Here are four ways to ensure you nail it and end the year having achieved what you set out to achieve.

Make time to review and plan

If not this week, then next week. Put at least 2 hours aside in your schedule to work ON your business. If you don't have 2 hours, show me your Netflix, Facebook feed or social calendar from the last month. Tell me what time you get up every day or go to bed. Let me see if I can't find 2 hours for you to work in things to better your business. When working with private clients I know I can find an extra day a week in their schedule, every time. So 2 hours for you it not going to be difficult to find.

In that time you are going to follow the next three steps to effectively review and plan your next 90 days. But you have to get your calendar or diary now NOW. You need to find a 2-hour window in the next 7 days where you can be totally free from any distractions.

In preparation for that time, click here and download my 90-day review and planning worksheet, printing it ready for your appointment with yourself. There is some free video training that also goes alongside it to help you even more.

Review the last 90 days

Use the top section of the worksheet to list the biggest wins of the last 90-days, the biggest challenges and the aims or goals that remain outstanding from the last quarter. 

Take time to do this. Don't rush it. Look back at your schedule, your sales ledger and your previous 90-day planning worksheet (if completed).

Dig deeper into the last 90 days

Taking the challenges and the outstanding aims or goals that you listed in the top section if your worksheet, write them again, on the left-hand side of the next section.

In the middle column, write one thing that caused the challenge or outstanding goal to be like that. What was the cause of the challenge? Why didn't you complete the goal? Often the reasons behind this are either...

  • Not having the skills means that TRAINING could be the answer.
  • Not having the right collaboration means that CONNECTING with the right people could be the answer.
  • Not having the right strategy may be finding a COACH to assist you in getting that together.
  • Not having the right focus may be a case of needing to develop a clearer MINDSET for the next quarter.

Then tick the box to the right that you believe will be the biggest answer to each item.

Define your 90-day goals

The final section of your worksheet is all about looking forward and plan the final quarter of the year.

In this section, you are going to define three main objectives or goals that you want to achieve by the end of the year. Each one will be specific in and may require some additional working on.

For each of your goals write:

  • Your Goal: A specific, measurable goal that you would like to achieve by the end of this quarter.
  • By When: A date by when you believe you can achieve this (and not Dec 31st - you may well be able to complete it before then).
  • With Who: You may need to speak to someone and seek assistance or collaboration to achieve this goal. Write down who it is that you need to speak with.

Then identify which of the areas will have the most beneficial focus for you, Training (finding a course), Connecting (finding someone to assist you), Coach (finding one to help you develop the right strategy and bring accountability) or Mindset (to get super focused and clear on the task at hand).

Click here and get your free 90-day planning worksheet and free video training.

Once completed, feel free to email it back to me using the email address on the planning worksheet. We can spend some time looking over it together (I'll arrange a time for us to jump on a call together) or post it in the Facebook group for others to see (click here to join).

Failing either of those options, put it somewhere that you can see it every day for the next 90-days. Next to your desk, on your bedside table or even set up a photograph of it as your screensaver/wallpaper on your mobile or tablet.

Goals remain just ideas on paper unless you take action to make them a reality. I want to assist you in getting to where you want to get to and finish strong this year. Complete the worksheet and email it back to me so that we can jump on a call together ASAP.

Let's smash this final quarter of 2018 and start 2019 in the right way.


When you work with Ant he'll help you to galvanise and see how you can put that a proper strategy in place, to better MARKET, quickly GROW, and SCALE up your coaching business.

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