Passions into Profit?

For some time now, I have been sitting on the fence of a debate that has been going around the "expert" industry for some time now.

It's the conversation about how you can turn your Passions into Profits.

In 2011 when I travelled to Santa Clara to attend the 4-day conference run by Brendon Burchard, Experts Academy, it was there that I realised that my knowledge, wisdom and experience can make a huge impact to individuals around the world.

On returning to the UK I was fired up.

My experiences of growing a successful branding agency, seeing it go bust, finding myself again, setting up in business again and getting great results for clients, all combined to enable me to stand in the marketplace with authority.

What helped was the fact that it was the combination of the two types of experts that there are in the world:

  • Reporter Experts: Those who study, learn and aim to continue their path to mastery in a particular subject, synthesising what they are learning and publishing it for their audience.
  • Results Experts: Those who just get on and get stuff done to get results for themselves or their clients.

I was on the Reporter path wanting to master my subject (business and marketing), I had got some amazing Results, so the combination of the two is seen as being a Role Model.

Serving became my calling. I was seeing clients getting great results from the work I was implementing with them. My passion grew for the results that my clients were getting.

My passion was not the work I was doing. I enjoyed it, and still do today. But my passions in life pertain to other things.

As a trainee hot air balloon pilot, a keen wine taster and vineyard visitor, a father, a husband, member of a local church, these are my passions. There is no desire for me to profit from these things.

The message of "Turn your Passion into Profit" is a false message being preached around the world today. This message keeps your focus on you, your money and your results.

The real strategy to make a difference to the world today, as an expert in any niche is to:

  1. Realise the place you are in is a place of service and is a Calling - your purpose
  2. Use the Experiences that you have gone through in life to relate to others by sharing your story
  3. Take the Knowledge you have and share it for free and in paid for products
  4. From lessons learned in your life (failures and mistakes), share the Wisdom you gained through the coaching, training and mentoring you can provide
  5. Be sold-out and passionate in seeing your clients get amazing Results

This week, focus on developing a deeper understanding and lay firm roots for number 5 above - developing the passion for the results your clients are going to get, not on profiting from your passions. When you focus on turning your passions into profits the focus is on you, your money and your gains. Is that the right focus to have?

When you serve, you will be rewarded.

As I have said before, marketing is about sharing content of real value so that people get results in advance of buying from you. If your potential customers get results before they buy, build a relationship so they can see the real tangible benefits of taking the next logical step in working with you - and then they will buy.

Allowing people to buy rather than selling will build a customer base that loves you, they become loyal and see that from previous results, you can serve them to get even more.

Let's leave our passions for the time and the people we can enjoy them with.

Become sold-out on getting your clients results rather than looking for the ways that you will benefit.

Keep your passions to your time out of the business.

Keep your passions to the time you spend with your friends and family.

This week, serve first and see what comes.


When you work with Ant he'll help you to galvanise and see how you can put that a proper strategy in place, to better MARKET, quickly GROW, and SCALE up your coaching business.

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