Coaching is a Scam!


The whole coaching industry is a scam - That's what I hear from so many people, so many people who truly don't understand what the true nature of a coach is and, unfortunately, it often from the many people who've been burned by poor coaching in the past.

The coaching industry as a whole, whether it's life coaching, business coaching, health coaching, nutrition coaching, it was the fastest growing industry in 2017. And research has shown that it's the fastest growing industry in 2018. For me, that says that there's a good thing and potentially a bad thing happening.

A great coach listens and develops intimacy with their clients. They ask powerful questions to enable their client to get to a point of realisation that change needs to happen. That is where a lot of coaches leave things. For me, that's a big problem within the industry and. If you're saying that coaching is a scam or if you're thinking coaching is a scam, what I would say to you is that, it maybe your previous experience or the experience of others, that you've received some feedback from about their experience with a coach, that the relationship was stopped there.

The coach has stopped at the point of saying, "Okay, what change needs to happen?" They've helped you, or they've helped your friend, get to a point of realisation that change needs to happen. Job done. A lot of coaching training organisations (even the ones I have trained with) will train coaches to ask powerful questions to get their client to that point and say that "that's all coaching is."

Coach On Fire, the organisation that I run, helps coaches to develop businesses that will enable their clients not just to get to a point of realisation that change needs to happen, but to actually help them to transform their lives. I think for me, there's two types of coaches out there in the world.

1 - The Weekend Warrior

There are the coaches out there in the world who've, maybe done a weekend workshop or something like that, not really invested much time in the industry. They've gone along to a one day event and thought, "Great. I could be a coach!" And then, they set up their business and they want to be a coach. That, for me, is kind of that weekend warrior mentality and you see in so many different industries. I know you've got to start somewhere, but start with the right training. Start with finding out the best practices, investing in yourself.

The coaching industry is not an overnight industry that you can jump into. You've got to develop real credibility in the industry. That credibility comes from the results that you get either from your own life or from clients that you're working with.

If you're just starting out as a coach, the best thing that I would do is just go and start coaching people. Help people to transform their lives, get them to a point of realisation that change needs to happen and then add a transformation program to their lives at that point. I'm talking about training and mentoring those clients so that they actually see the change, not only that they actually see that change needs to happen. We all know that our lives are not perfect and that change is inevitable in life. We all want to change to better ourselves, to move on to better things, but if we don't have a coach that helps us to actually make that change possible, then are they a great coach?

2 - The Coach with True Integrity

For me, I think the key ingredient for any successful coach that distinguishes coaches from the rest of the world is true integrity. Are they practising what they preach? Do they know, love, and trust the knowledge that they have? Do they understand the industry that they're in enough to be able to truly apply what they're saying and, what they're working with their clients, to their own lives?

I liken this to the industry I used to be involved with which was search engine optimization. It's a practice of getting websites to the top of Google and, today, the activity to do that is very manual, it's very laborious, and actually, it is a skill that needs to be done for websites. For me, the true test of a SEO agency, that's short for search engine optimization, is to see if they're at the top of the search engines. If they're not at the top of the search engines for themselves, yet they sell search engine optimization services, are they practicing what they preach? Do they operate out of full integrity?

And your coach, or any coach, should be operating out of full integrity. To be able to apply what they know, what they love, what they trust, in terms of their product, their program, their coaching, their training, their mentoring, are they applying it to their own lives to make a difference to their own lives as well as to their clients?

For me, coaching is NOT a scam.

You know, when you look at people who are just starting out in the industry, they struggle, big time. They need to find business coaches or marketing coaches to enable them to be able to market, grow, and scale their business. That's what I do, and I help them to position themselves in the industry as experts so that they can gain credibility from how they're perceived.

When you think of that phrase "coaching is a scam" it riles me because I've been a coach for many years. I helped so many people to transform their lives and their businesses and, if you want to find out how effective my business is, I'm happy to share client information. So, contact me, get in touch, at, have a look at some of the reviews and testimonials that I've got. Come along to one of my events, test me out. If don't like it, I'll refund you your money. But fundamentally, the whole promise from my business to you, if you're a coach, if you're watching this, is that I want to help you to market, grow, and scale your business.

I've invested so much in my coach training, my coach certification products, and programs, that actually, I found that there was something lacking in the industry.

And that lacking was the business side of things because.

All the gurus out there, are teaching you how to ask the right questions and go out there and become an expert or fake until you make it kind of promises. That's not me.

You've got to have a solid business that you can actually build from, product that you can offer clients, and scalability strategies to be able to go far beyond just offering your time for money.

If you're struggling today to grow your coaching business, then dive over to Let's get in touch, let's have a chat. If you found this video because you're searching for coaching is a scam and you're wanting to find out if coaching really is a scam and you're looking for a great coach, there are three things that I would say.

First, ask yourself is this person operating out of full integrity?

Can I see that their life and all the things that they do, whether they're on Facebook, whether they're at networking meetings, are they practicing what they preach? That's the first thing.

The second thing is, what credibility do they have?

Look for client testimonials on their website, on their Facebook page and, if there are case studies on there, see if you can contact those clients just to say, "I saw a case study on this website and I'm thinking about working with these guys, but, you know, could you give me some feedback? Could you give me some information?" You could Google many businesses and find them and even some of those case study pages have links to clients websites.

And the third thing is, trust in the process.

A coach will help you to get to a point of realisation that change needs to happen. If the process beyond that doesn't exist, then I'd say find someone else. If a coach is going to help you get to a point of realization that change needs to happen, and then, if they have a training program, if they have a mentorship program, or if they work one to one where they do it with you, (and that means rolling their sleeves up and getting their hands dirty, not just high priced consultancy fees through coaching calls and then you have to go and do the work), find a true good done with you service. They're the types of coaches that you need to look for. Don't just look for the coaches who will offer you the coaching services that won't bring the transformation. Look for the coaches who can bring real transformation.

Is coaching a scam?


There are many scam artists out there, there are many charlatans out there. There are many inferior coaches who are really not doing a great job for the industry. But underneath all of that, there are great coaches out there that will help you, that will serve you. Whatever challenge or problem, frustration, or pain that you're suffering in your life, there is a coach out there that will be able to serve you. One that will be able to challenge your perspective of the coaching industry and bring real transformation to your life or to your business.


When you work with Ant he'll help you to galvanise and see how you can put that a proper strategy in place, to better MARKET, quickly GROW, and SCALE up your coaching business.

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