Are You Thinking Too Small?


Most of us get trapped in the day to day of our business, and we can be found thinking too small. I hear many coaches asking questions to find solutions for the tactics that will get the big win, right here, right now.

  • "How can I do my Facebook better?"
  • "How can I leverage my email marketing in a better way?"
  • “How can I get more people on a 20-minute call with me – to sell them my stuff?”
  • “How can I get more people to my event?”

These are all tactics we hear coaches wanting to fix. But are they where the focus should be?

In your businesses, try not to get lost in sorting out the tactics, and forget the long-term thinking - the strategies.

  • Tactics – Action now for short-term wins
  • Strategies – Longer term planning for sustainable growth

In business, you have to have a blend of the two. You've got to think tactically on a daily basis, on how you're going to overcome individual challenges, how you're going to deliver immense value and transformation for your clients. But the crucial thing that many coaches forget is that strategic time to map out the next 30, 60, or even 90 days of activity for the growth of the business.

When you have that clarity that a well-defined strategy can bring, you understand where you are going. Articulating your Vision and Mission is step one.

  • Vision: Your vision is the destination
  • Mission: Your mission is the journey to get there

All too often, we can jump on a webinar, we can dive into some guru-led training to show us how to sell high priced ticket products and programmes – and these kind of products and programmes in your business take it to the next level – but for me, they are not for starting a coaching business with, they are to be added in after you've got your business going.

Your business will not have longevity unless you focus on a strategy first. If you just focus on trying to see the big wins of a six-figure payday, by trying to get people onto a call and try to sell them high price programmes, you may get a quick win, but where is the substance behind your business? These Facebook Ad, to a webinar, to a call, to a high priced programme tactics that are taught, keeps your focus on the 1 in 10 that will buy from you. When you focus on the 10% of people who say yes, what happens to the other 90% of people who enquired but can’t afford or do not want to buy into your high priced programme?

Without other products, other programmes, other ways in which they could buy from you, they won't buy from you, they will find someone else to buy from.

The most dangerous number in a business is the number 1.

With only one product, one traffic source, one customer, one of you, what happens when that one thing disappears?

Start to think strategically. Consider about your need for a suite of products, services or events. Think about how you can put them together in the best possible way to manage a flow of working on in your business and then on business – with multiple streams of income from various products and services. Think far more about your need to build a business that ends up being long lasting and will stand the test of time rather than the quick wins.

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It’s time to stop getting hung up on all of the tactical stuff that potentially could give you a quick win right now because you need the cash, you need the clients, you need the customers. If you only focus on that, everyone will see you as needy. You've got to focus on the bigger picture, build a stable and robust business, and find the balance between the tactical day to day and the strategic planning that's going to create your business in a more significant, much stronger, much healthier, much more long-lasting way.


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