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But are you a good fit for the training and coaching provided by Master Coach and Award Winning Entrepreneur, Ant Hodges? Read below and see if you're a good fit.

So, you had an idea...

You want to start a coaching business. You have a desire to go out in the world and make a difference to other people's lives.

You recognise that the challenges that you have faced in your own life and the obstacles that you have overcome, serve as the knowledge you want to impart to the world. You just don't know how to get the "business" set up and running.

You may or may not, and it's not important either way, have completed some coach training or have achieved an accredited status as a coach. But, in short, you have at least a basic understanding of what it is to be a coach and how to coach people or offer some form of training to help them up skill. 

What you're looking for...

You’re looking for ways to create a brand and establish marketing strategy that will enable you to become visible in a crowded marketplace and generate leads and sales to establish a profitable enterprise. At present you're earning anything between ZERO and $150,000 per year through coaching and training, but you want to break the glass ceiling and generate the freedom income you want.

The focus you have is on getting and keeping clients. Serving them to overcome the challenges they face, solve the problems they have and satisfy their needs and desires is your prime focus. Earning the freedom income will help you create the lifestyle that you want. So, here at Coach on Fire, that's the aim.

Which way now?

With many promises told from marketers and "gurus" who you've followed and potentially bought into training from them, none of this is led to the success that you are aiming for when you invested in their programmes. You are looking for the RIGHT solution to give you the leg up that you need.

Having said this, you're committed to wanting to make change. You're desperate to get the information you need and implement a quick and easy strategy to establishing the right foundations to build on for a successful coaching business.


Just Starting Out?

So you've invested a lot into your coach accreditation training and your wall is starting to fill up with framed certificates - but the reality is that those coaching "skills", ain't paying the bills.

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Ready to Scale Up?

Having been in the coaching or training game for a few years and seeing some success, achiving 6-figures year on year, it's time to shift things into top-gear and scale up so you can finally live that dream.

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A Head's Up...

Growing a business is hard work. It takes a lot of dedication and investment of finances, blood (not all the time), sweat, tears and time. Your results will be unique to you, and will be directly proportional to your level of implementation. There are no push-button solutions or overnight riches promised. If you're looking for them, you won't find them here, or anywhere else.


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